1/  Organic productions

Organic rice (Click here)

Riz de Camargue
All the rice from Biosud is cultivated in Camargue and approved by the P.G.I "Riz de Camargue".
=> See the press pack (2012/13) 

- Organic Camargue production is certified by Bureau Veritas.
- Production supervised by Biosud :

                · Specifications
                · Contracts
                · Technical monitoring
                · Crops Controls by technicians

Other organic cereals, oleaginous, protein crops, legumes

Blé durtournseol  

- Production is made in the following departments :
Hérault, Gard, Bouches du rhône, Vaucluse, Var,...

-Organic production is certified by Ecocert or Qualité France.

-Production supervised by Biosud :
                · Specifications
                · Contracts
                · Technical monitoring
                · Crops Controls by technicians

2/  Dietetic productions

¤ In cultivation :

Dietetic rice is not an organic rice, it is produced in accordance with particular specifications.

 Two markets :
- Baby food industry
- Niche products (black and red rice)

¤ Industrial process :

From drying to milling and packaging, dietetic rice is never in contact with any chemical products. The dietetic rice follow the same procedures and traceability controls than organic rice.


3/  Specifications

-Organic rice
-Dietetic rice
-Organic cereals
-Organic oilseeds
-Organic proteaginous
-Organic legumes
-Bio solidaire productions

4/ Crop sheets                           
                                (French version only)

- Long rice   
- Round rice
- Durum wheat
- Soft wheat
- Sunflower


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