BIOCAMARGUE is developing a line of organic rice produced in the Camargue which, after processing and packaging (mainly small-scale packaging in a controlled atmosphere), is sold in various forms:

  • Rice from primary processing.
  • Rice cakes from secondary processing.

BIOCAMARGUE’s goal is to:

  • Promote and develop the products in this line, produced only by farmers in our region, and ensure reliable and sustainable outlets for them.
  • Provide our customers with healthy products (raw materials and/or products from primary and secondary processing) that meet their quality and environmental requirements and are produced based on an approach that guarantees their traceability and compliance.
  • Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty through a customer focus approach.
  • Reassure consumers that its products are trustworthy, based on their origin, traceability, quality, and safe production.

Biocamargue in figures

  • 2




  • 4 912 984 €

    Annual sales

  • 2 335 T/An

    Of finished

  • 1 808 329

    Packs of rice cakes

  • 2 099 T/An

    Of packaged rice

Organic product line sites

Biocamargue’s location, the rice mill run by Biosud, and the storage silos owned and operated by Thomas, LLC at the Mas de la Ville site enable our strategic production approach.

We also have a storage silo in Gimeaux, which facilitates transportation logistics for some farmers.