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CSR approach

» Biosud engaged since September 2014 in a corporate social responsibility approach in order to be examinated according to ISO 26 000.

Company life

IFS Certification :
Nadia MOUHOUBI assiste now the Quality Environnement manager,  she is in charge of the IFS certification, planned for the end of the year 2015.

=> Pierre Silva joined our team as part of his master "Environmental and Energy Management". It has a professional contract within the cultivation department of Biosud. He is in charge of studying the possibilities of conversion to organic farming in our region.

=> Biosud provides crop sheets. (click here)

Company life - archive of the last update 14/12/2012

Channel life

Various meeting organised by Biosud :

1) Meeting with farmers -  Biosud - 29/07/2014 
Place : Camargue Regional Natural Park

The Camargue Regional Natural Park hosted a meeting organised by Biosud.
The meeting attracted about 65 participants : "Organic"
farmers, "Conventionnal" farmers, storage organisations, french union of the  rice growers ,representatives of the state, Park scientists,"la tour du valat", INRA, CIRAD ...

Chaired by David GRZYB (Chairman of the
Camargue Regional Natural Park) and animated by Marc THOMAS, the presentation  talked about the following topics :


I) Overview of the Biosud channel
1) Biosud harvests assessment
2) Biosud in the channel
3) Assessment and business opportunities

II) The conversion to organic farming : 
one way of improvement ?
B)Study of a converting project in a farm
1) Objectives
2) Data considered
3) Working method
4) Presentation of the different scenario

III) The organic farming :  Conditions for the sucess
1) For the farm
2 )For the channel
3) How to start a converting approach ?
4) Crop sheets 
5) CIRAD : Presentation of a mechanical weeding itinerary in organic rice growing



2) Meeting with farmers -  Biosud -  23/09/2013
Industrial site of Thomas SARL - Mas de la Ville - Arles

Information and exchange meeting with farmers of the area    


I) Overview of the Biosud's channel
  1) Organisation and functioning
  2) few numbers
  3) Our strategy : A organic channel expert

II) Requirements for autumn seedings

III) Organic itinerary : Presentation of the project

IV) Other issues

Système de conditionnement automatiséSystème de conditionnement automatisé

The farming department

A quality approach for the farmers monitoring

The food safety management begins from the fields.
In this way, Biosud's expertise aims to reinforce his quality and environmental approach from the upstream part of the chain thanks to this farming department.

=> Strengthening the regular support of farmers

   - Crop monitoring at every stage of the plant through visit sheets, farming advices and photos.

  - Centralization in Biosud of all crops documents (visit sheets, contracts, photos, specifications...) for each farmer.

The farming department is managed  by 2 technicians
(for the rice area) by :

- François Clément (Tel : and
- Serge Dunan (Tel :

This department is coordinated downstream in Biosud by Benoit Ferrari.

Biosud : partner of the rice weeding by ducks

Biosud is partner with the initiator of the organic weed control in rice fields thanks to ducks. (Bernard Poujol)

TF1 - Ducks for weed control in Camargue rice fields (click here)

"This is the first in Europe : an organic rice farmer in Camargue decided to use 300 ducks instead of chemical herbicides. This technique originated in Japan, is effective."

Channel life - archive of the last update 14/12/2012


1) 2014 - Summer harvests :

Durum wheat :

The heavy rains of autumn and winter have prevented a good crop establishment on many fields.
In April / May / June, the very dry conditions have greatly reduced the harvest potential. In July, the repeated rains have affected the quality of durum wheat.
Conclusion: A poor harvest with a lower quality than the ordinary.

Soft wheat :

Faced with the same conditions, the soft wheat has fared better Despite a below-normal harvest, the quality is there.

2) 2014 - Autumn harvests :

Sunflower :
=> Quite good potential.

Rice :
=> Good potential, greater than 2013. However, the month of August, cold and rainy, handicaps flowers fertilization and will delaye harvest time.

3) : Will the future of rice growing in Camargue and even elsewhere in the word pass through the
dry-sowing ?

"The SCAD company shareholder of Biosud has developed for many years, a technique of rice cultivation particularly respectful of the environment, with a buried seedbed on dry ground." (
This technique so far developed in the conventional rice growing, is realized as test in organic rice growing.

The case was certified under the "Plan Rhône" (Click here)

Farming - archive of the last update 14/12/2012


The draft reform of the CAP 2015/2020 was published :

At present, it is noted that:
- The convergence of financial supports will led to the penalty of field crops.
- The removal of the rice premium (in France) will handicap the Camargue rice growing (premiums held in other producing countries).

For the organic farming : if supports to conversion (300 € / ha) and supports for maintening (160 € / ha) increases, the amount is still insufficient, and possible limits on these supports will not help to create a movement of conversion.

Documents relating to the GPI "Rice of Camargue" and those relating to the regulationare available on the rice growers french union website.

Rice mill

Last investments realised :

- Setting up of a packaging and palettisation line full automated (Bag 5kg to 25kg).
 Operational since mid-November 2012.

Système de conditionnement automatisésystème de palettisation automatisé

- Setting up of a metal detector (end of the process, before packaging).
Operational since the beginning of
October 2012.

Détecteur de metaux ferreux et non ferreux

Presse review

September 2014 => " Organic farming : support for the french rice growing sector " Marc THOMAS's point of view, Chairman of BIOSUD.

- Agrodistribution - September 2014

July 2014 => "A new scientific study shows that eating organic food helps to be healthier"

- Website:

November 2013 => "Biosud or sustainable management of the rice growing in Camargue"

- Emission Prioriterre du samedi 23 novembre sur FRANCE 3 provence alpes

October 2012
=> "Camargue : The organic rice gamble"; 

 - Magazine section from "la gazette" n°697 11-17 october 2012

August 2012 =>
Tour and presentation of Biosud for the first international conference on the organic rice.

 - Conference presentation
 - Programme presentation  (Biosud tour)
 - Speech of Mr Marc Thomas, president of Biosud company

December 2011 =>
Intervention on the health benefits of black and red rice of Camargue -
Symposium "days of the rice sector."

 - Extract from the newspaper "La Provence" (10 of December 2011)

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